atlantis, dreaming

hello. I'm Amy, cat / artist / weaver of worlds.This is where I post my art and photos of myself (the latter being taken mostly by my cat twin, me not being able to manufacture doppelgangers to do the job). 

Self-portrait (with minimal likeness) / Cemetery piece for Mont Royal Cemetery show

Art + Filet Mignon on our DIY bbq. 

Summer days are so surreal to me. My head is always spilling with dreams, my hand can’t stop drawing, and my heart overflows. 

This, despite hating the heat with a passion.

I have become E’s primary subject matter, it seems.

We’ve been redecorating the house in an epic fashion. And in general living many spontaneous adventures (although everything is an adventure with 2 insane kitties)

New york new york <3 <3

(psst… smiling Amy is rare. “I’m sorry. I have a secret belief the camera will capture my soul so I do not know how to react”)

Glimpses from my recent life.

For my birthday, my love orchestrated a maze.

Short interview by Marta Barnes + new/old series “Bare Bones and the Bottom of the Ocean”

I thought I would release this since it should be released sometime. It’s funny seeing my perspective a year ago when I conceived this series is so different from my perspective now yet still so much the same. I think I have become much more introspective of late and I’ve been working much bigger. I was originally supposed to do a show for these, but I feel too much time has eclipsed. Perhaps I will just debut my new, larger pieces but I kind of want to do that in an epic, cross-media show. We’ll see what  happens! image

What made you evolve from surrealist symbolism to surrealist symbolic realism?

I think it is a bit of a reprieve for me. Sometimes, it is nice to travel a bit, to explore the outside world and then bring back artifacts, memories, experiences. Drawing realistic things is like that for me: to experience natural forms intimately in order to look at my own world with a different perspective. I need to do this now and then to fertilize my world.

Is there a particular challenge you’ve set yourself for this most recent series?

Hmm, after exploring the symbolic confines of my world quite intensely, I felt the need to momentarily leave it and just explore natural shapes outside of me. This series was an exploration of those external forms, and the challenge was in trying to find unearth bits of their kami (to use the Japanese term for the spirit within things) within my drawings.

Are there any thinkers, artists, philosophers, writers, or musicians that your work is channeling or that you feel is reflected in your work?

I feel I channel a whole sea of voices that I cannot always account for, some of whom I don’t even find out till later. These connections manifest in coincidences when they do emerge. I am very inspired by writers, philosophers, artists, and thinkers who challenge the boundaries of conventional perception and perspectives.







Here are my 2 pieces for Curiosities Gallery’s Memento Mori exhibit :)

Assembling the Rococo play/doll room. Will soon be sending out invitations for tea 

Woke up to the news my friend the South korean musician Sima Kim  got my work tattooed on his arm. :P What a surprise! (Pictured above is  evolution of artwork from drawing to CD to skin etching)

Also, I’m on the cover of Canvas! (Mcgill’s Art History journal)

And the last picture is my new lighting set up: illuminated Mary on my table, USB astronaut to provide overhead lighting, and portable fireplace (acquired from some dead person’s apartment) to provide warmth and light.

++ our prospective new balcony :D

In which I preserve twin souls in amniotic fluid for the eternal impregnation of universes.

Here it is! Finally Here is a single soul, connected by soul braids to the 9 muses. There are dormant and active muses, but one main braid connecting the soul to both biological life (hidden heart/tree of life) and cosmic consciousness. The interplay of creativity is sort of a harmonic dance, I think, with each personality emerging and fading out depending on the medium…

Commission BIG piece which has the 9 muses in it fed to the single soul. They emerge harmonically in different degrees, feeding varying forms of creative processes